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19.7.2014 - 22:11
by Clira14

Aviate Icon Pack Beta

..or how to be totally frustrated by Eclipse & stuff. Some time before (5/2014), I found new launcher for my Android phone (if you don’t know, I flushed my iPhone down the toilet – don’t bother to smile just now ;))… anyway.. the launcher – it’s called Aviate and it’s by Yahoo. I felt that I would use that if it was more minimalistic. In fact it was minimalistic, but those icons! I didn’t like them at all, so I had an idea to create my own icon pack. I started to read tutorials but I didn’t understand a word. I found a free resource for creating icon pack project for Eclipse to avoid starting that from scratch, cause I’m not able to do such a programming stuff on my own.

I was in tears after 3 hours of trying to run Android SDK, Eclipse and that sample project :) (it was a reeaal pain in the ass to install that Java stuff and make everything work, but Blade helped me with that, hopefully) and I was in an ecstasy while clicking my first icons and seeing them on the screen of my phone – but that was just a beginning…

After some time I found out that common appfilter.xml templates are not sufficient to me, cause they are either obsolete, or don’t include my favourite apps. So I started searching – I found Android Activities – Droidicon – really useful tool (after you install this on your phone, Android activities of your apps will be added automatically and you can easily find and use them in your appfilter.xml). I’m considering to donate to this guy some money.

Time flew and I was less and less excited about this project, cause – however I wrote the app is Beta there, users don’t care at all. They just give you 2 stars, cause they can’t use Aviate launcher and don’t realize you already did huge amount of work to make that app in the Google Play Store happen. So I stopped to create all those vectors and this project almost died. Until yesterday – I found out that Yahoo made a great update – but! They created there light and dark backgrounds in one theme – so, my black icons for light theme wasn’t usable at all here. :) Such a nice step from them! This started my effort again and today I redesigned all the icons to bigger versions and changed their colour to 50% grey – so now they are visible on both backgrounds, in both themes.

I know, that many many requests from the users for new apps are still missed, but I hope I will satisfy them sometime in the nearest future… and if you want, you can find the pack here. :)



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