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27.8.2015 - 12:25
by Clira14

I could write lorem ipsum into these posts and it would have the same effect I suppose. Does anyone even read a word here? Well, me neither, to be honest. I have a bunch of new stuff around me, but I’m tired to write about it this way, so I might change this place to something little bit different, to serve it’s purpose.

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Sea Change: January – Meditation Habit

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12.1.2015 - 13:00
by Clira14

As far as I really don’t know what to do with my LPR related health issues, I somehow shifted from direct solutions like experimenting with medications and trying different food or diets to more “spiritual” (in fact not as spiritual as it sounds) way of pleasing myself and being happy. I enroled into Sea Change program by Leo Babauta. You might think I must be crazy to follow all his stuff, but I think everything he writes is the most compete habbit change tutorial you’ve ever seen and it can’t harm anyone so.. for me now, anything is worth to try. (more…)

Need to declutter

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18.12.2014 - 11:53
by Clira14

Inspired by Zen Habits and stuff like that, I came to the conclusion I need to declutter stuff around me. I will start with the space round me:

  1. Desk and its drawers
  2. Glass cabinet
  3. Bookshelf
  4. Wardrobe

But when? I will start today, evening. Cross fingers, I will post update soon.

Slovak Rolls Recipe

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25.10.2014 - 20:58
by Clira14

Fact that white flour is bad for your health should disencourage me from writting this post, but anyways here is it. So, why am I writting this? Nowadays in supermarkets you can find tons of pastries, breads, buns and rolls etc. But many of them are baken from frozen ready-to-bake products and you can totaly taste that :-(. I tried to find some recipe that would end up with something I ate 20 years ago, every sunday morning in front of the cartoons at Slovak TV. After some tries, here is the recipe… (more…)

Little update for this forgotten webpage

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14.9.2014 - 21:48
by Clira14

After a long time I finally refreshed my design a bit. I did something with typography and added one project to my works. There were many other cool projects at work, but I’m still not so sure if I am able to present them in my portfolio. Anyways, stay tuned, at least in the near future you will be able to look at the new LB’s webpage, which my colleagues are busy with right now and you can look at some of the projects I work on there.

And what’s new?

I visited Russia this summer, so I might post some photos and insights about that in the next weeks and I would like to write about some health issues that captured me again this autumn – 15 doctors have seen me in the last 4 weeks! As for the illness, looks like nothing too serious, but I’m little bit frightened by the state of their medical knowledge.

Last time I wrote about Aviate Icon pack – now I stopped working on in, cause it’s too big project for one person with full-time job. So, at least, I tried that and now have more time to more relaxing stuff.

Aviate Icon Pack

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19.7.2014 - 22:11
by Clira14

Aviate Icon Pack Beta

..or how to be totally frustrated by Eclipse & stuff. Some time before (5/2014), I found new launcher for my Android phone (more…)