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Nook Simple Touch display not responding: A quick solution found :)

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19.7.2012 - 18:43
by Clira14

After some time I write this little advice about Nook Simple Touch. I own it since last fall, it’s rooted and it has been working great by now.
But these days I’m travelling little bit, trying to start doing my research and do not care about my gadgets so much – especially of the fact if they are clean.
Last week it started to be realy tricky to unlock my Nook and do something on it,… Screen doesn’t respond as expected and I was quite frustrated when after reseting and registering again the thing still won’t work.
Some kind of ebook club forum helped me. B&N uses infrared touch method on their Nook and the “diods” are located round the screen. Solution was realy simple – as the egdes around the display were coverend with dust and dirt, the infrared touch technology won’t work. So as advised – I just cleaned it, wipe the dirt away by wet tissue and now it works like a charm!

EPUB from DOC with formatting

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12.1.2012 - 21:36
by Clira14

How to easily make .epub book from.doc for your Nook? :)
Save your .doc as webpage in Microsoft Word. Then go to Calibre, drag your .html you just saved here and convert to .ebup.


With all the formatting ;)

Nook Simple Touch USB continuously connecting and disconnecting

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11.1.2012 - 18:57
by Clira14

Have you installed Nook Study and Nook for PC on your Win 7 computer and having this same problem, including working with other computers beeing OK and recharging from power socket beeing OK too?

…just try to uninstall everything with the word “Nook” in its name: Device Nook from Devices and Printers and Nook Study and Nook for PC from Features and Programs.. and voilà! – no system restarting… it just works again. :)

However, I have no idea where the problem was in fact, I’m asking – why do they (Barnes&Noble) develop something that doesn’t work together….

Enjoy your reading.

How to unlike webpage on Facebook, if the “Like Button” dissapeared from the page

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29.10.2011 - 11:54
by Clira14

These days I’m decluttering everything including my computer and started unlike some pages on Facebook I don’t like any more – but there’s a problem – many webpages deleted like button from their page and here is the solution how did I solve this.

Ussualy, if the button is here – just hover over the little gray tick sign and when the gray cross appears  – just click it and you’re done :). 

Some time ago I clicked on like button on – but today you can’t find the button there anymore – so what to do – how to unlike it?

1. Go to Like Button page.

2. Copy and paste your URL of the page you want to unlike to the input field.

3. Voilà’! The like button is just next to the field and you can unlike it.