Decluttering #1: Desk and it’s drawers

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20.12.2014 - 17:07
by Clira14

So do I started. Today, after midnight (because I wasn’t able to find some time for it before) I decluttered my desk and drawer. What kind of stuff was there? I was quite surprised by the amout of some totaly useless stuff I found there:

Lots of them, cause I ussualy don’t want to throw them away before I make a record into Toshl about them, but, anyways… I gave them to it’s place, where they will wait for another round of decluttering.

Some stuff I wasn’t able to tidy up after moving to this new flat.

Rice cakes!
Yep, you read that right, they have their own place as well…

Stationery stuff
Pens, pencils, bank sheets of paper, some tapes, post-its etc. – I wasn’t able to find a good space for some of them, but most are now on its new places

I love books of any kind. It might be some kind of left-over memento of my previous prepress jobs and everytime I read something I leave it on the desk, having in mind that maybe I will continue soon – which is definitely not true, so I just put them into their shelf.

Some stuff I threw away

  • papers with old wireframes, some old notes, old testing scrips and interviews questions
  • some plastic boxes or case for stuff that shloud be probably elsewhere – eg. case from markers, that found new home in a wide flower pot, where I store all these creative materials
  • some stuff I won’t use anymore / or didn’t used for a long time

It’s not prefectly done at all, but at least I started. It’ll be quite difficult to declutter everything like this – I tried to throw away everything I won’t need. I did such moves about 4 years ago, when I broke up with my bf, but now this need for a change came without any special occasion connected so I took a chance and want to change myself for better….

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