End of my Sea Change: February – Eating Healthy …or my Review

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16.2.2015 - 11:58
by Clira14

I tried to continue with my change and habit building stuff, but I’m not probably able to do this these days in a schedule the program offers. Now I know some basics that could be done to create new habit and I would like to make my own schedule. From the view of Sea Change I failed, but… I can learn from that and try again. I canceled my subscription, maybe cause it’s not challenging enough for me to do it with a guide and I have to pay for it as well.

What I would like to do? It’s really similar to stuff in Sea Change, but a little bit different.

Green means that I started with that.
I already started meditating, healthy eating and learning / studying new stuff systematicaly – Russian as something new and going back to classical music I was learning 8 years ago. I also started reading books and would like to continue with that.

Orange means, that I started but have problems with that.
Exercising is my nightmare! I’m skinny and to gain a weight is the realy hard work for me, so I have no motivation to move and this just make things more difficult. Anyways, I need to do something with it. 

Blue means I need to think about starting that.
Yep I totaly need to declutter again. I have too much stuff around me.

Strikethrough means I wouldn’t do that for now.
I do not need to work on procrastination and debt reduction / saving / investing.

…and here is my review of Sea Change modules:

  • Meditation – OK, I just started and I can’t see immediate results, so it’s hard to keep up with it…
  • Healthy eating – Started too…
  • Decluttering – Well, about 2 years ago I totally decluttered all my stuff, but since then I would need to do that again, so… I will probably start with not buying anything new for more months together with getting rid of some unnecessary stuff.
  • Exercise – This is quite a challenge, cause I have never exercised in my life and that sucks.
  • Unprocrastination – I’m ussualy quite disciplined when it comes to procrastination, so I would not say I do not need to work on this at all right now
  • Learning/studying – I started with Russian and some light clasical guitar classes
  • Debt reduction (saving/investing) – Right now this is somehow solved as well, … and this one is not a problem for me as again, I’m quite disciplined.
  • Quitting a bad habit – I would not like to tell that I do not have any bad habit now, but I will find something to work on.
  • A good start (waking early, yoga or MITs) – Sometimes I do some yoga… but it’s quite hard as well, when you do not see the results immetiately
  • Gratitude – Well, I need to work on this for sure, but I will postpone it until later
  • Creating – This one goes well with guitar classes, drawing and other stuff I love in genereal, so for me it’s not hard at all
  • Letting Go – I don’t know what is this supposed to be about. I might have some ideas, but will postpone it till later…

From all these activities I will try to do at least one every day. Or just to make something to move it forward. I will keep this blog updated, so you can see my progress. :) Well, again, cross fingers.

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