Little update for this forgotten webpage

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14.9.2014 - 21:48
by Clira14

After a long time I finally refreshed my design a bit. I did something with typography and added one project to my works. There were many other cool projects at work, but I’m still not so sure if I am able to present them in my portfolio. Anyways, stay tuned, at least in the near future you will be able to look at the new LB’s webpage, which my colleagues are busy with right now and you can look at some of the projects I work on there.

And what’s new?

I visited Russia this summer, so I might post some photos and insights about that in the next weeks and I would like to write about some health issues that captured me again this autumn – 15 doctors have seen me in the last 4 weeks! As for the illness, looks like nothing too serious, but I’m little bit frightened by the state of their medical knowledge.

Last time I wrote about Aviate Icon pack – now I stopped working on in, cause it’s too big project for one person with full-time job. So, at least, I tried that and now have more time to more relaxing stuff.

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