Sea Change: January – Meditation Habit

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12.1.2015 - 13:00
by Clira14

As far as I really don’t know what to do with my LPR related health issues, I somehow shifted from direct solutions like experimenting with medications and trying different food or diets to more “spiritual” (in fact not as spiritual as it sounds) way of pleasing myself and being happy. I enroled into Sea Change program by Leo Babauta. You might think I must be crazy to follow all his stuff, but I think everything he writes is the most compete habbit change tutorial you’ve ever seen and it can’t harm anyone so.. for me now, anything is worth to try.

First month of this change consists of starting to meditate. So I started. I note my progress down into Keep, that is quite cool product by Google I would say. So far, my schedule looked like this (I will try to update it):

7 minutes
15 minutes
just nothing, I was super busy, however, I had 2 minutes that Leo writes about in his lectures, but I wasn’t able to do anything
10 minutes in the evening – it isn’t so easy after busy day, exactly before busy work week, but I keep trying. I have always something in my mind to think about. 10 minutes because in 2 minutes im not able to do anything with my mind, I’m super busy with thinking about stuff round me, so I try, try, try and after couple of minutes when I think it’s enough I find out I tried for more than just 2 minutes, oh well, it will hopefully work for me somehow.
11 minutes in the evening after work: I can’t find the proper time for meditation. Should I meditate in the morning when I’m usually in a hurry or in the evening after busy day? For now, evening looks better as far as I’m not able to wake earlier than late. I’m trying to focus on breathig, but it’s too difficult for me not to think about stuff. Practice makes perfect.
Yep, 4 days in a row I did nothing for my meditation habit. I was on a business trip, so.. that’s an excuse. But I refreshed it today in the evening, in the kitchen. Still don’t have any regular time. I’m thinking about connection to shower, or cleaning my teeth, or something like that. It’s so hard cause of my throat problem as well, that hurt quite a lot right now.
After pleacefull weekend I was practicing some yoga and meditationg as well. I don’t know the exact time period. Anyways, I installed an app called HabitBull with reminders to meditate, practice yoga, eat slowly and cherish a tidyness round me. Went to bed at 22:30.
I woke up quite early, at 6, without any problems… :) feeling better, probably cause of enough sleep and some good food the day before. I’m still taking omeprazole, itopride and liquid for mechanical prevention of reflux and drinking mineral water that supress acid little bit…
I meditate in the evening for a few minutes and understood that to have a trigger is more essential than I thought.
I tried to meditate during the day, during common activities I ussualy.
Oops, Looks like I totaly failed :D :) yep, right… OK, another try and waking up will be my trigger.
I did some yoga and meditation in the evening. I continuosly try to switch my thinking off during the day.
It seems to me that meditation while being sick or busy is one the hardest things to do…

So, this is it. Among other things today I finally tidied up my room, installed window ledge and replanted chives. I started to use cold water while having a shower – last couple of seconds (Yep, that sounds pretty ridiculous probably, but some time ago, I was freaking out just imagining cold water…).

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