Slovak Rolls Recipe

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25.10.2014 - 20:58
by Clira14

Fact that white flour is bad for your health should disencourage me from writting this post, but anyways here is it. So, why am I writting this? Nowadays in supermarkets you can find tons of pastries, breads, buns and rolls etc. But many of them are baken from frozen ready-to-bake products and you can totaly taste that :-(. I tried to find some recipe that would end up with something I ate 20 years ago, every sunday morning in front of the cartoons at Slovak TV. After some tries, here is the recipe… I’m mostly satisfied with:

125ml of milk
250g wheat flour (the smoothest one you can find in the shop)
half a teaspoon of salt and the same amount of sugar
30g of fat (e.g. molted butter)
21g yeast

So, as first, mix 125ml of milk with 21g yeast (is should melt here) and add sugar and salt, mingle till everything melts. After that mix this with 30g of fat (it probably shouldn’t be too hot). Then just create the dough and leave it on the warm place to rise in its content.

After 45 minutes create 2 dough balls. And create rolls:


You should form 8 rolls. Leave it to rise a little bit for about 20-30 minutes, then bake it on 180 celusius for about 15 minutes (doing for the first time, you should check it more often, just to be safe if it’s ok. :)

After 15 minutes, you should have these rolls ready to be eaten.
Enjoy! :)

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