So I would like to start a blog again..

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14.7.2014 - 21:00
by Clira14

You know what? I haven’t written anything since January 2014. Half a year. Today I just realized there are more things I would like to say.

First of all, my English is pretty bad in details – I make a lot of mistakes, I always forget to write and say articles and can’t use them properly. I’d like to get better, with your help. I mean – comments for all English grammar and spelling are highly appreciated. ;)

Anyway, what I would like to write about… as I’m working for Lighting Beetle for a 3/4 year nowadays (I want to write it’s a dream job for me just now), I was able to be a participant of Esteve Pannetier’s workshops about Green Blue Red framework and that’s were all the thoughts about writing s blog started. I realized there are so many things that people forget about and I have them on my mind – and would like to talk and write about them.

Today I will write about one thing, or topic, or.. whatever it is.

Honesty (oh, it’s not about that “poctivo” stuff round here in Slovakia, but honesty between the people) …and about beeing grateful for things (that is closely connected to that)

This all started when I was asked for the feedback on my financial advisor (or what that is) – so I wrote directly what stuff I don’t like about this and gues what! I got exactly what I wanted. Meeting with a person, who is willing to speak to me like friend, leaving behind all that strange business stuff. I was amused, when she told me some reeealy deep thoughts about studying music and I understood, that whatever people do, they may be realy nice and interesting persons still, you only have to unlock something on them, or switch to another frequency of your talk. I realized, that honesty may help in many other parts of my life, so I started to use that more often..

Some time ago, I was amused by a waitress in the near restaurant – she was always in a good mood, so I told her, that all the waiters should be like her, cause she is in a good mood and that she made us feeling good as well by that. She was very pleased and looked happy we told her. I was always some kind of introvert and I’m not trying to change this by speaking to random people like this, but I just want people to know that I care. And to let them know I appreciated the way they act.

It was the same with a sales woman in Samsonite shop in Aupark shopping centre here in Bratislava. She was realy keen to help me with my specific problem and realy cared about what I will buy and if it will serve my purpose. What more, she even didn’t persuaded me to buy anything, just educated me. She explained everything, also what she didn’t have to. So after paying for that briefcase or what that was, again, I told her, how much she helped me (that was true, according to the other salesmen in other shops with luggage – they didn’t even knew what are the cabin luggage dimension for the most common aerolines). She told me that she has done this job for about 7 years now and I don’t even know how good is to hear this from a customer. That made me feel great, when I saw her smiling and saying thanks to me. You know, every salesman is surely pleased when he or she sell some stuff, but what if he or she get something that can’t be bought at all? Have you ever tried to do this? :)

Today we visited my favourite tearoom Avra Kehdabra and I almost asked the tea maker something about his jogging trousers – they were pretty cool in fact. But I rather didn’t, I thought it would be just too weird.

In fact, this was the topic we spoke about on the last English Coffee meeting – why is it so weird to speak to the people you don’t know, in the streets e.g. I have to admit I also had a strange feeling when some unknown guy told me that he had seen me before somewhere and that my new glasses made me look like I solve differential equations even more like the old ones – in a weird Slovak accent. Well, I didn’t know what to say, so I just thanked. After that we have met him on English Coffee as well, and learned he’s a Belarusian working in Bratislava as some kind of programmer. Well, in this technocratic and internet societly I would say it’s nice to meet someone it the streets – but in fact, it’s too dificult to make it everyday as well. But why is it like that?

So.. I was thinking about arising some iniciative of this kind (maybe there’s some better word for that…) – what if people started to be more like people? I mean if you’re interested, just ask, if you’re grateful just tell it, if not, tell it as well. I know that it is not always possible – but.. what if we would be more open? Is there anyone who would share some story about talking directly to the people (strangers, friends, clients, bosses, whatever…)? Have you ever tried something simmilar?

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